Photography Tutoring

Photography Tutoring

The Photography Business

All information is derived from experience and from my studies. I have a Diploma in Photography and Business Management and am in the process of completing my Diploma in Social Media and Marketing. 

  • The Business Plan and all its elements including your stationery
  • Costing
  • Copyrights , and the do’s and dont’s
  • Contracts
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Coaching

Testimonials are available: Certificate of Completion is provided to each participant after the completion of the specific photography class. Contact me for more information

Introduction to Photography

(A 2-hour hands-on Theory Master Class in understanding photography.)

  • What is Photography?
  • Get to know your gear, and setting it up to suit your needs
  • Terminology
  • Tips and Tricks

Comprehensive Material for this Class has been written by Melanie and has been designed with the idea that anyone can understand photography regardless of your skill level.

Let us go Capture those images!

  • Two-hour classes, the student chooses a location and a genre to shoot
  • Designed for the busy lifestyles we lead. You choose when, where and as the need arises or the budget allows.
  • Basic Post Processing (Editing) Classes
  • Setting up of the editing program to suite your needs
  • Basic Editing with so extra tips and tricks to make your images pop
  • LR, PS, DPP and NIK software

Let us get creative with the equipment you own!

  • Making you aware of your surroundings, and seeing things in a different light. There is beauty in everything we seeā€¦.
  • 8 different in-camera techniques (depending on your gear) to help you create one-off unique pieces of photography art
  • Hands-on one on one assistance

Images from the field :

Let us make the small things matter

  • Helping you understand the difference between Macro and Close-up Photography
  • Helping you capture the small things in life in the best way possible with the gear you have
  • Capturing the picturesque pretty macro images to the crisp and striking macro images.
  • Creative Macro images
  • Helping you to adapt methods to help you have a steady hand

Here are some of my images form my advetures out in the field :

Landscape Photography with a difference

  • Capturing the perfect moment, with all the techincal aspects
  • Using the environment and the light to capture, creative images that will be once off pieces.

Some Images from the field :

Wildlife and Birding Photography with a difference

  • Capturing the perfect moment, with all the techincal aspects
  • How do you change those ordinary images into something unique and artistic to hang on any wall

Images from the field :